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Thin tipless ring wing Vario Copter

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The asymmetric reduction in the area of the oval wing maintains zero wingtip induced drag (37% of total drag), but reduces its lift. It is over-compensated by the wing's lower self-mass and lower skin friction drag, due to its reduced wing surface area and dimples (similar to the dimples on golf balls) on its underside. We obtained such definitive results from laboratory measurements on wind and hydrokinetic turbines with similar elliptical blades





























 Oval ring-wing VarioCopter

Vario Copter is a radically new kind of UAV that takes off vertically and flies like an airplane with the same propellers. A radical innovation is the oval wing, which has zero peripheral air resistance. The Vario Copter has an increased payload and an extended radius of action with comparable weight and dimensions to known drones.

Advantages of the ring-wing VarioCopter:

      High payload capacity
      Long flight time
      Greater operating radius
      Resistant to side wind
      Stable in all flight modes
      Significantly higher speed
      Greater structural strength because the oval wing is integrated with the chassis
      The same engines - propellers, fixed to the wing, realize horizontal and vertical flight

VarioCopter propellers create vertical thrust, but at the same time they also fan the upper surface of the wing. Thus, they accelerate the air flow above it, which lowers the air pressure above the wing and creates additional lifting force (Coanda effect). It synergistically adds to the wing lift force in horizontal flight. Therefore, an annular wing is significantly more efficient than the wing of any aircraft. The innovative DRON flies like a wing plane much more energy-efficiently, because the wing has no edges and no edge energy losses. At the same time, it has all the advantages of drones. The patented VarioCopter takes-off and lands vertically. With the same propeller motors, flies horizontally as a winged aircraft, This is the most economical aerodynamic scheme that provides the most energy-efficient flying in all flight modes. Because the wing has no periphery - there is no any peripheral vortex air drag and therefore it has zero energy losses. At the same time, it has all the advantages of conventional drones Annular winged DRONE is a world patent novelty, according to the official patent statement, which you can download from HERE 





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