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The present invention aero taxi VarioCopter relates to various structures of vertical take-off and landing flying cars which can both travel on ground and fly. In connection with arranging motors for independently driving respective wheels on the basis of a four-wheel electric car, detachable module battery sets, a set of a clutch and a transmission is coupled to both front and rear ends of each motor so as to conform to the condition and structure for ground traveling and flying, respectively. A set for ground traveling is coupled to the chassis inside, and a set for flying is coupled to the chassis outside. A transmission, a clutch, a motor, another clutch, and another transmission are arranged coaxially on a straight line integrally and identically so as to constitute each of four independent power systems for both ground traveling and flying. Respective power systems are installed according to respective flying car types, respectively. Clutches of respective power systems are engaged/disengaged so as to secure a structure in which a single identical motor can be used selectively for ground traveling or for flying. The propulsion systems for ground motion are provided by the respective electrical power systems to the respective wheels. And for flight, four types of propulsion system structures are used, including vertically single or coaxial rotors. They are mounted on one or more folding  oval wings (download more)  (folding rotor blades, as well - download more) In doing so, they blow on the upper surfaces of the wing posts, thereby reducing the air pressure above the bird, which increases lift in all flight modes.

Electric engines are many times more efficient than internal combustion engines, regardless of whether the electricity it needs is from electric batteries or is generated on board by hydrogen fuel cells. It is permissible to use rocket boosters for a short time, in all vertical take-offs. Horizontal flight is always more energy efficient if the Aero-E-Taxi is winged. but if it has an oval wing, it guarantees at least 30% higher energy efficiency. Obviously, all vertical flying vehicles have rotors that are above their bodies. This means that their center of gravity is much higher. This fact makes their ground movement very unstable. Therefore, we developed an integrated steering system that, in sync with the steering system, also laterally shifts the center of gravity of the Aero-E-Taxi. This system is a world patent innovation from 2023. You can download the official statement of the Patent Office HERE

Storing hydrogen in a tank aboard the Aero-E-Taxi is risky because hydrogen is explosive. Therefore, we use safe storage of hydrogen in non-explosive compounds such as metal hydrides and the like. You can download more details about this technology HERE. And the production of hydrogen, as an ecological fuel, is done using a "green" technology developed by us. It is a worldwide patent news, the official statemant of the Patent Office can be downloaded HERE.
Practice has shown that it is advantageous for Aero-E-Taxi batteries to be both stationary and replaceable, which shortens Aero-E-Taxi service time and avoids forced stops for battery charging. For this purpose, we use an innovative double battery system, which is a worldwide patent innovation. The official statement on it from the Patent Office can be downloaded HERE

The wings of the Aero-E-Taxi can be covered with photovoltaics and other electricity-generating coatings, which is a world patent innovation. You can download the official statemant of the Patent Office HERE. We have developed an innovative fast charger for the Aero-E-Taxi batteries, from a low power source. It works with intermediate cascade electroaccumulation of electrochemical accumulators and electrostatic supercapacitors. This system is also a worldwide patent innovation. You can download the official statemant of the Patent Office HERE

The oval wing, which replaces the familiar flat wing, has two parallel wing surfaces that have connected peripheries. This gives it significant advantages:
1. At twice the compact size, there are better aerodynamic qualities.  A set of comparison charts of their lift force, qruise speed, payload and wetted wing surface download HERE
2. Due to the 3D shape of the oval wing, it is significantly stronger, although it may be lighter. Accordingly, its payload is significantly higher.
3. Due to its compactness, it can fit into the dimensions of the streets, which is a very strong advantage for its simultaneous use as a ground and air aero-taxi.
4. The oval shape of the wings allows their more stable assembly. It helps in cases of folding - telescopic wings,





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